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30 Daily Exercises - Basic Legato Studies

The first section—30 Daily Exercises—contains short studies to help improve legato sound. Exercise number 9 was a favorite of Mr. Arnold Jacobs, the famed former tubist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. When practiced in all keys and in both the upper and lower registers this exercise will improve control, intonation and tone color.

50 Lessons - The Vocalises of Concone

Beginning with the section 50 Lessons, and continuing with 25 Lessons, 15 Vocalises and finally with the section 40 Lessons, Concone paints a compelling musical landscape. Learn to phrase properly, add dynamic contrast (dynamics are not printed in this book) and make each of the vocalises your own unique musical presentation.

25 Lessons - More complex melodies

The 25 Lessons present slightly more complex and colorful musical ideas. Rhythms are more challenging, key signatures more varied and range is expanded. Still, the performer will have to interpret the dynamic contour of the music.